Conwy Platform Corrosion Protection

Project Description

 Summer 2018

Corrosion Protection Repairs

Conwy Platform – Irish Sea

In 2018 OPS successfully completed their first Oil & Gas project – a corrosion protection campaign on the pipe-works at Conwy Platform, which forms a part of the Conwy field located off Liverpool Bay in the Irish Sea.

The works comprised of paint inspections followed by a variety of repairs completed over a 7-week period throughout the summer of 2018. Although not normally part of the OPS core offer, OPS were able to meet the challenge by teaming a number of our own specialist offshore paint technicians with a team of experienced Oil & Gas paint technicians, utilising a variety of techniques, including rope-access.

Having successfully completed the project to the clients’ satisfaction, on time and within the project milestones, it is envisaged OPS will look to undertake similar projects in the 2019 season.