Bird Netting & Pest Control



Bird droppings can have a detrimental effect on both Human health and buildings and structures. Acid content within the droppings, when allowed to accumulate, can have a devastating effect on the structural integrity of a building, especially one that is unoccupied. Droppings being allowed to fall to the pavement beneath nesting and roosting areas, typically under bridges and similar structures, can cause hazards to pedestrians and road users. Pigeons and other large birds have the ability to cause damage to roofs which leads to water ingress which in turn leads to expensive remediation works. Feathers and droppings can block drains, gutters and hoppers which again can lead to water ingress issues and expensive repairs. The bacteria contained within bird droppings can cause a number of respiratory health issues in humans.

OPS Industrial Ltd. can provide a comprehensive prevention and control service where congregations of birds are an issue. We can supply and install the following:

  • Solar Panel Protection • Chimney Spikes • Deterrent Spikes • Pigeon Netting • Seagull Netting • Sealing of roof voids and other apertures • Pressure washer cleaning of building facades, bridges and other structures • Removal and disposal of accumulations of Guano and other detritus via a Licensed Waste Management Agent.

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